Unlock The Shirtless Aquaman Skin In Fortnite Season 3

Most Fortnite players and fans are familiar with skins, outfits often modeled after famous characters from other intellectual properties. With the new seasonunderway, players likely know about the new Aquaman challenges. Like the Deadpool challenges in Season 2, these are a series of things players must accomplish to win a special superhero skin for the game. Each week, a new challenge will drop. Once players have completed five unique challenges, they will unlock a skin of the famous DC hero. This presumably ties in with Season 3’s new theme of a world flooded by the Season 2 Doomsday event, with many former POIs buried under the sea.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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There are two variants of the Aquaman skin in Fortnite Season 3. The initial skin to unlock is Aquaman, inspired by actor Jason Momoa‘s 2018 portrayal, in his full gold armor. Players need to achieve this one first in order to earn the variant. This variant is considered the Arthur Curry version, which depicts Aquaman shirtless. At the moment, it appears players can earn the shirtless Aquaman skin rather quickly once they have completed the challenges for the Aquaman skin. Here’s how to unlock the Arthur Curry variant of the Aquaman skin for Fortnite Season 3 and loom over the competition as the King of the Seven Seas.

Earn The Aquaman Skin In Fortnite Season 3

The first thing players need to do to be able to unlock the Aquaman skin is to purchase a Battle Pass. As in previous seasons, this pass will allow players access to unlockable skins, emotes, and other cosmetic features. The pass costs 1000 V-Bucks, the equivalent of around $10.

Right now, it is impossible to know every challenge a player will need to complete before they will earn the Aquaman skin, as one new challenge drops each week during Season 3. So far, there are two challenges for players to complete, and, according to the clock, players will finally be able to unlock Aquaman skins starting July 16.

First, players must use the Whirlpool at the new Fortilla base. The Fortilla is new to season 3 and is located in the southwest region of the map. It looks like the society in Waterworld, with several small islands surrounding a central tower and connected by ziplines. Players will need to navigate around and fight the Henchman NPCs in the Fortilla that will shoot the player on sight upon arriving. Players can then fall or swim into the open water at the center of the Fortilla to find the whirlpool. Once they get into it, the whirlpool will launch them into the air, at which point they are able to glide.

Completing this challenge will earn players the King of the Beach loading screen for the game. Players should remember that this challenge will not register as complete if they use a boat to reach the whirlpool.

For the second challenge, players will need to use a fishing pole to ride behind a Loot Shark at Sweaty Sands. To do this, players will need to get as close to the shark as possible v buck generator and cast their line. Once the shark notices the bobber, it should bite, dragging the player into the water on a pair of skis. From here, players can control the shark-like a vehicle, using controls to speed up its swimming or jump over obstacles. Completing this second challenge should unlock the Trident Spray reward.

Each week will bring a new challenge and a new reward, so players will need to wait and stay on top of each new challenge to unlock the armored Aquaman skin.

Unlock The Shirtless Aquaman Skin In Fortnite Season 3

Once players have unlocked the armored Aquaman skin, they will need to complete one final challenge while wearing this skin to earn the Arthur Curry variant. The challenge is a fairly simple feat of strength; players must dive over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the Aquaman outfit. Gorgeous Gorge is located south of The Authority and northwest of Lazy Lake.

When a player enters a match, they will want to drop directly on the mountains near the waterfall to ensure they don’t need to climb to the top, which would increase their risk of running into other players and possibly dying before they can complete the challenge. Players simply need to don the Aquaman skin and dive off the top of the waterfall. Players will unlock the skin and be able to enter matches as a shirtless, Jason-Momoa-inspired Aquaman.