The latest Fortnite patch notes addressed a handful of bugs

 Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 in full swing, dataminers are uncovering the next bunch of content we should get excited about. The latest Fortnite patch notes addressed a handful of bugs, and if these leaks are to be believed, there’s a bunch of new stuff coming our way in the near future.

Respected dataminer Hypex has shared a ton of findings on their Twitter account, including what could be two new weapons: a heavy shotgun with the code name ‘Slug Shotgun’ and an automatic SMG named ‘The Pepper Sprayer’. According to the datamine fortnite v bucks generator, the shotgun  “fires slugs for medium-range effectiveness” and has a rather large magazine. Seems deadly. 

Hypex also dropped what could be the firing sounds for The Pepper Sprayer, and released info on a legendary version of the Scoped AR. Naturally, that wasn’t the only set of leaks posted on their Twitter account today – there were also a slew of new skins, Deadpool katana back bling (check out our Fortnite Deadpool challenge guide on how to collect Wade Wilson swag), weapon wraps, a new emote, and more. That’s a lot of mining, eh?

But Hypex isn’t the only dataminer keeping the Fortnite leaks flowing. Lucas7Yoshi posted a ton of gliders, emotes, and pickaxes on their Twitter page, plus some dark variants for Zorgoton and the Flying Slasher. And iFiremonkey has allegedly found a new limited-time mode called ‘Infiltration’, amongst other things. Fortnite leakers never sleep, it seems.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

new “work in progress?” weapon got added too..codename: “Shotgun_SlugFire” 3, 2020

NEW SCOPED AR ADDED! more info about it later! 3, 2020

As far as the official Fortnite patch notes go, well those don’t exist. It seems that some changes have been implemented as of today, however, including new proximity mine stats and llamas. If we get anything more concrete, we’ll update accordingly, but for now, keep an eye out for some potential new weapons.

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